The NIRI Twin Cities chapter was formed in 1980 and currently consists of more than 50 members. The majority of our members are investor relations professionals, representing a wide range of corporations. Our goal is to provide members with professional development through a variety of organized programs, resources, and networking opportunities. Throughout the year the Twin Cities Chapter offers monthly lunch seminars, meetings, and other events of topical interest to members.

NIRI National (National Institute of Investor Relations) was founded in 1969, NIRI is the professional association of corporate officers and investor relations consultants responsible for communication among corporate management, shareholders, securities analysts and other financial community constituents. NIRI is the largest professional investor relations association in the world with more than 3,300 members representing over 1,600 publicly held companies and $9 trillion in stock market capitalization. See more at

NIRI Mission

NIRI is dedicated to advancing the practice of investor relations and the professional competency and stature of its members.

Twin Cities Chapter Goals

  • Effectively identify and quantify the Chapter members varying needs.
  • Create richer and more meaningful learning experiences for IR professionals at every point along their IR career continuum.
  • Provide opportunities for Chapter members to effectively network.
  • Communicate effectively with Chapter members and NIRI National.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with other local professional associations that from time to time have interests in common with Chapter members.
  • Build and maintain effective associations with local journalists, press and other local media.